Happy Veterans Day


I come from a line, if a bit irregular, of US Military veterans. I am thankful to every one for providing the security to have the life that made me what I am.

My grandfather, two uncles, one cousin, my first husband, and my son all wore the uniform of our country. If we include a grandfather-in-law, I have every branch represented.

When I was an Army wife, soldiers were still being taught that if the Army wanted soldiers to have families they would issue them. Military service has changed a lot since my son was born at Darnall Army Community Hospital. There is more importance placed on the care of the military family. The nation is more aware of the sacrifices of our service members. The care of our Veterans, once an afterthought, is of increased concern.

Our country cycles through periods of great patriotism, low patriotism, back to great patriotism. We are somewhere mid-cycle right now. We are coming off the great patriotism following the September 2001 attack. Many people still feel that tremendous pride and support of our military. Others, however, are testing the waters of blame the US.

I hope your day included reflection and appreciation of the sacrifices of our military men and women, and not simply shopping the special sales. Because, while you are free to do just that, too many men and women died on your behalf to not give them just part of one day of remembrance.