Freelancing for Cash

I’ve taken on some freelance writing. It isn’t much. Well, it could be if I make it that way.I’m subscribed to a site that posts writing jobs. Many of the jobs are for blog posts or web pages. They basically pay well under minimum wage for those who, like me, edit as I write and suffer at every word wondering if it is the correct one. I think we are called perfectionists. But if you can knock out a quality product in under 30 minutes (including research and revisions) you can do well.

At any rate, it is a restart.

I am trying to move away from the one, major client I have on my professional business side. It is becoming a burden to work for them. Maybe burden is too strong of a word.

I have been under contract with this company since 2008. It is steady. It pays well. Unfortunately, it really isn’t the type of thing I planned to do. I have to go to the building several times a week. I have on-site events to manage. I have offices to manage.

When I started my company, the business plan was to work off-site. This particular client sort of fell in my lap. I thought it would be a great setup, but I think it is holding me back at this point. Things have changed in my personal life and I have to make a big change with this business.

So, my new, new plan is to get away from that client, get some additional freelance work lined up, and change directions.

Wish me luck.