Upcycle Coat Rack

I completed the upcycle coat rack Sunday. I really enjoyed working on it. There is something cathartic about hanging in the garage, working on stuff.  I get that from my Dad.

Dad gave me some space in his garage to work on my upcycle projects. It was getting tough to work on the back porch. The wind blowing interfered with my painting, and of course rain could stall me for days. So, I was glad to get a bench of my own out there.

Now, I’m working on a bench. I am removing the paint from an old frame (taking longer than I anticipated) and will either stain and clear coat or paint, then affix a seat. I hope to find a good cushion for it as well. Then, on sale it goes!

Here is a picture of the coat rack.

coat rack image

Upcycle coat rack made from repurposed coffee table and salvaged oak.

I don’t have a gallery, so the image is dark. Maybe that will change by winter.

Mixed Greens Success!

The Mixed Greens craft show actually went quite well. The space was smaller than I anticipated. There were 12 vendors in all.

Vendors sold everything from candles made in repurposed wine and beer bottles, to paintings, to jewelry, and much more. I sold enough to cover my fee, plus a little more. There were tons of people stopping in to browse, but honestly, I didn’t see that many transactions happening. In fact, the vendors on either side of me said they just did “fair”.

BUT, it was a nice time. I was glad to be there. Hopefully, I will do more. Here are some of the items I had there:

table image

My table at the 2013 Mixed Greens show.


Female print
A female image printed over the story of the Samaritan woman at the well.


student desk image

This little desk sold quickly.


message center image
Both the red and white message centers were popular – and sold!