New book on-the-way: Everyday Upcycle

Everyday Upcycle

Most of you know I write a column on upcycling for Two-Lane Livin‘. I started in 2015, sharing many of the ideas I had, along with improvements on things I learned elsewhere. I cobbled together 15 of my projects into a small book titled Everyday Upcycle; 15 projects from everyday items. It will be available through Amazon and Kindle.  I hope to have it ready by October 1.

In the slim volume you will learn:

  • Turn children’s pants into flowerpot bottoms
  • Mark your plants with flatware
  • Salvage broken mini-blinds
  • Help a little seamstress

You know that jelly jar has more life in it. If you are looking for ways to reduce waste but need ideas and instruction, with 13 full color images this is the book for you.


If you are interested in reviewing the book, shoot me an email.


everyday upcycle book cover

Mixed Greens Success!

The Mixed Greens craft show actually went quite well. The space was smaller than I anticipated. There were 12 vendors in all.

Vendors sold everything from candles made in repurposed wine and beer bottles, to paintings, to jewelry, and much more. I sold enough to cover my fee, plus a little more. There were tons of people stopping in to browse, but honestly, I didn’t see that many transactions happening. In fact, the vendors on either side of me said they just did “fair”.

BUT, it was a nice time. I was glad to be there. Hopefully, I will do more. Here are some of the items I had there:

table image

My table at the 2013 Mixed Greens show.


Female print
A female image printed over the story of the Samaritan woman at the well.


student desk image

This little desk sold quickly.


message center image
Both the red and white message centers were popular – and sold!