Home Silk Screen Hack

It is almost time to prepare for the holiday season. Creating a simple “silk” screen is a great way to create fun holiday themed t-shirts for personal wear or gifting. It is not as difficult as it sounds but does take some time to develop. What you will need for this project is:

  • 1 embroidery hoop.
  • 1 pair of panty-hose or knee-hi hose, appropriate to the size of the hoop.
  • 1 permanent marker pen.
  • 1 bottle of Mod Podge.
  • 1 print-out of your graphic.
  • Straight pins
  • Fabric paint.
  • Paint brushes.
  • Old credit card, plastic putty knife, or similar
  • News paper
  • Clothes hanger

Choose an image or phrase such as Smith Family Christmas 2017. Print it out on paper. You do not need to print a color image, but it must fit within the embroidery hoop.

Stretch the hose over the embroidery hoop and place outer hoop on and secure. Using a paint brush apply Mod Podge on the hose along the inside of the hoop. This will keep the hose from running once you cut them. Wait until the Mod Podge dries and cut the excess away from the embroidery hoop. This is now your “silk” screen. You will be working from the inside of the hoop keeping the outside flat against the fabric when you apply fabric paint.

Affix your graphic to the underside of the hose with pins. This is the side that will touch the shirt fabric. Trace the image onto the pantyhose using the permanent marker.

Once you finish tracing lightly paint the Mod Podge along the outside of your trace marks. This is to seal up the edges. You want to leave the design’s inside spaces open to allow your paint to get through. Using a larger brush seal the entire area outside the design. When you are finished the only part of the screen that is not sealed with Mod Podge is the portion you want fabric paint to go through.

Turn the embroidery hoop over so that the screen is not touching anything. Allow it to completely dry. Then you are ready to print.

Working on a solid surface, insert a few layers of newspaper inside your shirt to prevent paint bleed-through. Place the screen on the shirt so it is flat against the fabric. Apply fabric paint to the screen in the areas NOT sealed. Using your old credit card, putty knife, or similar spread the paint across the screen. Gently lift the screen from the shirt. Slide the clothes hanger into place, remove newspaper and hang to dry.

I’ve used my screen on several types of fabrics. Some took the paint well, some did not. Try it and send me your photo to the email below. I’d love to see your work.

Robin’s Upcycle is located in Kanawha County, WV. Open by appointment. Phone 304-460-5NEW (5639). For info, visit facebook.com/robinsupcycle or email robinholstein@gmail.com

Upcycle Holiday Ornaments

I know many households where the Christmas decorations look like a Macy’s display. You will not find an ornament out of place. Every angel is color coordinated to match the LED lights, which twinkle in synchronicity to holiday music. Perfect bows in perfect places.

Not at my house.

The ornaments decorating the tree in my home have been decades in the making. The oldest are a few “Made In China” cloth pillows and parasols purchased for the first tree I had as a grown adult. I spent less than $30 for the tree and all my decorations. It was all we could afford on a PFC’s salary in 1982.

There are decorations I received as gifts from clubs, and friends. Six beautiful snowflakes, painstakingly crocheted with love and the smallest crochet hooks I ever saw in the tiny, wrinkled hands of my grandmother’s sister, Charlotte. I even have the Santa made from felt circles given to me the Christmas I spent at Wilford Hall Medical Center, on bedrest carrying my son.

The ornaments that bring tears to my eyes every year without fail are the ones my sons made me. A simple photograph with Santa taped to the back of a construction paper ornament. A pinecone with red and green splotches of paint. A simple block of fabric tied with ribbon around a cotton ball with a poem about the love tucked inside rests at the top of the tree every year.

This year, take some time with the children or grandchildren to make a memory or two for your tree. Here is a simple idea you can do in a day with things you should already have around the house. You will need:

  • 12 canning jar lids – preferably used
  • White spray paint
  • Chalkboard paint (optional)
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Sharpie markers (optional)
  • Cotton balls and/or craft balls
  • Craft glue
  • Twine
  • Hammer and nail

Keeping with the purpose of upcycling, wash and thoroughly dry a dozen of those used canning jar lids you have saved. Spray with white paint, two coats if needed.

Sketch a few faces on some paper to serve as a visual guide. Using craft paint and a small bristle brush paint a face on each lid. Glue cotton to the top for a fuzzy hat. Colorful fuzzy balls on each side simulate earmuffs or beanie top. Punch a hole in the top with the hammer and nail. Measure a length of twine to hang.

Alternatively, paint lids with chalkboard paint to share Christmas messages.

I really would love to hear your thoughts on these upcycle projects, and ideas for those you’d like to see. Contact me by phone at (304) 460-5639. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Glorious New Year!

Robin’s Upcycle is located in Kanawha County, WV. Open by appointment. Phone 304-460-5NEW (5639). For info, visit facebook.com/robinsupcycle

Mom, Tell Bryan I Love Him 

It was sudden in the sense she was home, had been talking to us pretty well, and didn’t seem in any worse condition that the day before. I can look behind me and see her kidneys and bowels had been shutting down. 
She was just at the doctor Wednesday and he didn’t seem concerned. He increased her lasix and ordered a bowel softener. I spoke with him after hours Thursday and he didn’t seem worried. But we also discussed how delicate of a dance it is to treat the heart without damaging the kidneys. 

She couldn’t get to the bathtub so I gave her a sponge bath around 5. She got her evening medicines then seemed a little groggy, but they did that to her. She kept throwing her leg off the bed, sat up a couple times but didn’t want to go to the recliner. Her legs were ice cold, but I blamed that on the fluid she was holding. I kept going in to lift her leg back onto the bed. 

I could see her from my seat at the dining room table and around 9 I could tell she wasn’t right. We called 911, got her to the floor, and I started CPR. The medics got there around seven minutes and worked with her another 20 minutes or so. Nothing worked and there were never any signs of her coming back.

We knew things were bad, but not that they were near the end. She would get a little better but we knew she wouldn’t get well. 

We spent the past days getting things arranged, finding out if there was enough insurance for the service (there is), and ordering flowers. I hope to spend today catching up my housework, getting clothes ready, and only going out to vote and meet with the pastor at Dad’s at 11.

I believe Scripture tells is there is no communication between the living and the saints in heaven. I also believe we do not take memories of this earth to heaven with us. If it were possible, I would only ask Mom to tell Bryan I love him. 

If you don’t make it out I totally understand. I just wanted to let you know. You don’t use Facebook and we aren’t in any forums that you would have seen it. You know me well enough to know I won’t be mad if you can’t make it.
Talk soon,

Cheater Cheddar 

I finally did it! I made my first small “wheel” of cheese. 

I have been itching to make cheese for a long time. I ordered several books on homemade cheese from Amazon. I even attended a small workshop a couple weeks ago. 

The workshop helped make sense of what I found in the books. It also fueled the itch to gather up the tools to make my own. Yesterday I took the plunge.

I have a book on one hour cheeses. Some are true soft cheeses. Most are knockoffs. They all seem easy for a novice like me. 

I couldn’t get photos during the process. With one hour cheeses it is important to pay attention to the thermometer and clock. The following is the finished product. 

This is a cheddar knock-off. The flavor is fair, more like a colby. It is pretty crumbly. That may be from  the curd being too dry. It may be from letting the curds get cold. For my first go it isn’t bad. 

I plan to make more one-hour cheeses then work my way to traditional cheeses. I will need to make this in a fee more times. Maybe Mr. Holstein will be my photographer. 

Cheese making is my new obsession! 

2016 WV Book Festival is coming …

WV Book Festival

The 2016 WV Book Festival is October 28 and 29 this year. The list of authors is impressive, as always. The Charleston Gazette-Mail posted this article on them: This year’s Book Festival to feature more authors .

Online registration for some of the events is handled through the Kanawha County Library Calendar of Events. Search for the month and day, click the event title and the registration form should come up.

I really hope to attend for a few hours. I love the Book Festival!