Garden Update

Just sharing a few garden photos.

I am struggling with the cucumbers and the pole beans. They just look awful. The beans developed rust so I got some fungicide. I really want to skip chemicals, but I feel that things are getting ahead of me so quickly I can’t wait for organic.

I may be wrong.

I am learning. If I can do well this year I will better plan so I can try more organics next year.





Vege Garden

So this afternoon I have been working on my container garden. Even with all the rain recently, some containers were nearly dry.

I put some eggshell out on my tomatoes. I will probably do the squash next I understand that helps with blossom end rot.

I also rigged up some stuff for my beans to climb. They are already taking off. I fastened two lumbar back supports to the porch (the cheap mesh kind from a dollar store) and a dollar store soccer net above them. It’s what I had in the yard.

This is my first attempt at anything other than a couple tomatoes. I may end up with just one or two squash or cucumbers, a fistful of beans, and a tomato, but I am going to try.