The Perfect Perk

As a follow-up to my previous post about percolators, I came across this piece on 6 misconceptions about percolated coffee. In the post it states:

Whether it’s the taste, the method, the consistency, or the temperature, any proud owner of a percolator has probably heard these common criticisms about their favorite coffee maker.

Tessa Newell Coletti Coffee

Here are the six misconceptions:

  1. The Brew is Too Flavorful
  2. Some Find the Brew Too Hot
  3. Percolated Coffee is Too Watered Down
  4. Drip Coffee is Just Better
  5. You Can’t Bring Coffee Camping
  6. It Takes Too Long

My first experience only confirms item number six. However, I’ve never perked a pot before so I spent a lot of time watching and waiting.

Apparently the best “perk” rate is one “perk” every five seconds and only for four to seven minutes. I discovered that once the pot (mine anyway) is bubbling away lowering the flame on the stove to near nothing has little effect for several minutes.

I did manage to get a reasonable pot of coffee made and enjoyed a bit of breakfast!

breakfast coffee English muffin
Fresh perked!