Gracie – Day 3

Today started out pretty good. Gracie stayed in her room all night, without whining. Once Wayne and I were both up and moving around she started fretting. I was feeding the cats first, hoping they could eat in peace.  Gracie’s whining caused Cindy to hide under the couch. I eventually let Gracie out to the yard, then gave her breakfast.

We took our morning walk. Down the street to the Walker Field, back up to the marshaling yard, back to the field again and home. I estimate this is one and one-tenth mile. (I checked Google Earth.) After that, the morning was mostly uneventful. Since I had to take Mom to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, I just stayed at the house. I washed some clothes, mopped the kitchen and one bathroom, took a shower, and did a little dictation. I left without fanfare around 12:30.

When I got home, four hours later, the evidence pointed to Gracie struggling with some separation issues. The pillows on “Wayne’s end” of the couch, once neatly stacked, were strangely scattered. The remote control for the television lay in the floor, not on the couch arm where I left it. A coat rack I created from an old coffee table, was in the floor. The sheer curtain that covered the living room window was folded back on itself. Perhaps the most incriminating evidence were the fresh scratches in the cedar chest under the window. Scratches which were remarkably similar in size to the nails on Gracie’s paws.

We walked again before bed. The exercise should help, but I may need to get a vest that can hold water bottles. This will make her “work” harder during walks. We’ll see.

Save a life, RESCUE!

Save a life, RESCUE!