Gracie – Day 2

Today started out with me waking early, fretting just how to rework my mornings to incorporate the needs of Gracie, the boxer. The cats have their routine and they don’t take kindly to sudden changes.

After escaping the soft crate twice last night, Gracie settled down once I put the baby gate up. I know she went in because I put her dog bed in it and it makes noise every time she moves.

Cindy, the cat,  finally came out from under the bed. I carried her to the kitchen where her food and water are. I have to figure the plan to feed everyone, get Gracie out to pee, walk her, and get my day going.

Gracie began to whine while I was feed the cats. This made Cindy run under the couch. The other cats darted outside. I fed Gracie and walked her up and down the front street twice. She walked pretty good on the leash, with minimal pulling. I will have to work on that.

I read some posts on Cesar Milan’s site to refresh myself on some walking tactics. I see I really should walk her first, then feed her. Not sure how to work that out. Can I get Gracie out in the back yard for her bathroom needs, close the door and feed the cats, then go out and walk her?

I need to set an appointment with a vet to get the micro-chip replaced. My usual vet does not put chips in. Her’s worked it’s way out of the skin. I figure that’s because it goes in along the back and she is so thin her vertebra probably pushed it out of the skin. Who knows?

I’ll walk her again tonight, around town. That’s right at a mile. I still want to find a dog vest that I can pack to add weight for her to work a little harder.