Stop wasting Mason Jars!

Stop wasting Mason Jars! There is no need to buy Mason Jars, or any jar for that matter, for craft projects. Use what you already have.

There is a terrible trend going on of otherwise smart people BUYING Mason Jars for craft projects. STOP IT! Yes, I know they look so cute on the social media sites, but honestly, you already have jars you can use. Just check your pantry.

This project is a very simple one I completed using jars I would otherwise toss out. One is a spaghetti sauce jar, and peanut-butter jars.

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Here is all you need for this upcycle project:

  1. Jars – vary the sizes
  2. Lids – keep the original lids
  3. Spray paint
  4. Knobs
  5. Hammer
  6. Nail

Wash the jars thoroughly, and remove labels. If the labels won’t wash off in hot soapy water, try using some vegetable or olive oil, or solid shortening. Lightly score the labels with a knife so the oil can get to the adhesive. You may need to let them sit a day or so. The oil should loosen the adhesive enough to scrub the label off.

Use spray paint designed for metal to cover the lids. If they have dark colors, you may need a couple coats, or a primer coat to help cover the images. Let them dry completely.

Using the hammer and nail, punch a hole in the lid as close to the center as possible. Remember to have the lid on a forgiving surface, such as a scrap piece of wood. You need a hole large enough for the screw for the knob.

Affix the knob with the screw and snug tightly. The screw should fasten flush with the inside of the lid. Otherwise, the knob will spin instead of opening the jar. If the screw is too long find another or trim it down.

That’s it. Now you have beautiful accents for whatever purpose you need your jars for.


By Robin Holstein
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