Upcycle Sweet Treat

Sometimes you just need a cute little decoration. This one is perfect for a summer party, baby shower, or get well token.

There is nothing difficult about this little project. I use a simple glass dessert cup. It was once part of a set that long ago was split up, whether by damage or loss, I don’t know.

Gather up some artificial flowers. I have scads and oodles of flower scraps from purchasing sets and splitting them up to make arrangements. Here I use white and pink carnations to imitate vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

Hot glue a piece of floral foam to the bottom of the dessert cup. Trim the flowers short and insert them tightly into the foam. I layered mine in alternating colors.

Hot glue a red felt “cherry” on top, and insert a spoon on the side. Easy, peasy, simple as pie.

mason jar, flower sundae,


By Robin Holstein
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