Gracie – A little levity

Just want to share this photo.

Snoozing on Tuesday afternoon.

Snoozing on Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday, Gracie and I basically loafed around. The cat woke me around 3 AM and I never got back to sleep. Bless her heart, Gracie didn’t whine to go walking, so I took full advantage and sat at the PC to work. She snoozed most of the morning.

After lunch, I tried to nap on the couch. That’s where this photo came from. Gracie slept well, I did not. We did play with the football in the back yard a good bit, so there was no evening walk either. This morning it was back to the current routine.

Nesting for Gracie

At the swap meet this past weekend, I picked up a reflective collar and a “seat belt” harness for Gracie. Mr. Holstein found the leash we had for Kona, today. I needed to find dog food (dry and canned), food dish, and crate.

I found the dry food and a dish at Tractor Supply. Although they had a sign up in the can food section, they did not have the brand she is currently eating. They also did not have the soft-sided crate I wanted for her. There were only cage and hard plastic styles.

Wal-Mart had the soft crate I wanted, but not the can dog food. Kroger did not have the dog food either. So I gave up, got a couple cans of a similar food by the same company, and came home.

I opted not to travel 26 miles to PetSmart to check the dog food. I will be in the area Tuesday and will check then. PLUS, PetSmart is majorly expensive. If I can find the food at a better price elsewhere I will purchase it. Amazon is looking good, actually.

If all goes well , Gracie will be home by lunchtime! I hope she will be settled enough to meet the kids this weekend. Tori is especially excited to meet her.

My routines will change again when she gets here. I will need to make time to walk her, especially in the mornings. My plan is to walk her so she rests in her crate while I am away. She can then be free to roam the house when I get back. After she and the cats have made peace Gracie won’t need the crate unless we are traveling.