Backyard Garden

May 23, 2023

If you had trouble with your backyard garden in 2022 you are NOT alone! My little container garden didn’t do squat last year. Well, I hope to remedy that this year.

I generally do a container garden here at Holstein House. I like being able to move my plants around early on if I need to. I can control varmints better, and I can weed better. Store bought raised beds are fine, but unnecessary for a basic garden.

This year I purchased my soil from the local feed and seed. I don’t have a yard large enough to compost and create my own garden soil. I explained to the staff what I was doing and accepted their recommendation.

A few containers of veggies.

I’m actually using the feed bags my poultry feed, and dog food comes in to raise a lot of my vegetables. It’s the same material those grow bags are made of. I roll the bags down to the best size for the particular plant, fill with soil, then add the plant or seed.

Right now I have three varieties of tomato, two sweet pepper, and two broccoli plants going. I’ll be planting beans this week.


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