Six Months of #AirBnB

August 8, 2017

Has it really been six months since I opened my home through Airbnb? I have to say, it has already been very interesting.

While it may not be the busiest Airbnb in the state,  my 20 reservations have been anything but dull. I’ve had college students, musicians, librarians, vacationers, re-locators, temporary laborers, and international travelers.

Each guest shared their unique story. Students traveling between universities for summer internships. Musicians visiting family members. Vacationers looking for a comfortable place to stop, and stretch their legs. International travelers looking for work, or seeing the United States before the travel visa expires.

Not everyone wants to talk. Some simply want to get to the room and sleep. Others are dropping off their bags before heading out to a concert. All participating in the “sharing economy” with me.

Holstein House
Holstein House
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