Who Let The Birds Out

August 1, 2022

Letting the birds out of the coop and run in the morning. Talking a little about converting the storage shed to a coop, how often do I change the water, mosquitoes, and more.

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**Using the oven: I have a vintage oven which uses a standing pilot light. This means the pilot light is always on, there is no igniter. My oven, therefore, stays warm enough to incubate ferments.

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Robin A Holstein is proprietor of Holstein House Bed and Breakfast, in Diamond, WV. She is President of Robin’s Desktop, LLC. She is a licensed minister, and life coach through Christian Leaders Alliance. She holds a BS in Business. Robin was awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree from Universal Life Church. She is a contributing columnist on spirituality for The Two-Lane Renaissance. You may reach her at robin [at] robinholstein.com

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