Earlier this year, I decided to move away from my long time profession in administration. I have a small creative bone that is itching to be scratched.

The problem is multi-fold. I want to write. I want to create/craft. I want to photograph. I want to sing.

The writing I want to do is both non-fiction, and poetry. I want to write about how I got through the struggles with my younger son, and his suicide. I want to get the truth out there about what he went through. I want to offer a little bit of hope to other parents in a position like mine.

The poetry, so far, has been related to Bryan’s death. I almost have enough pieces for a basic chapbook. I want to publish it and continue writing. Then, there is that creative, hands-on bone.

I really enjoy taking discarded things and transforming them into usable pieces or new art. The rush I got transforming the broken coffee table into the coat rack was addictive! I also have another piece I’m trying to work on.

I do some very basic photography, primarily landscape and florals. I love it, too. I am “jonesing” for a short trip to grab new photos.

I probably have six weeks to put in with my current contract, before I can shutter the administrative consulting work and move on. I want to develop a desk manual for whomever comes in after me. I have to clear out and do some work on the replacement office space. That shouldn’t take too long. But, it keeps me from working on the other things I want to do so badly! LOL

Ah – it is a great problem to have, in the end.

Something different to look at.

Something different to look at.